1334 Air Cadets

Photos & videos

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What’s it like to fly? Find out about two cadets who took to the skies on the BBC recently http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/watch/my-life-learning-to-fly

Take off in a glider
[2 Videos]

Manningtree Cadet Activities


Duxford Trip 2011


Getting a glider ready for the road

RAF Akrotiri Autumn Camp 2009
[13 photos]>

RAF Waddington Summer Camp 2009
 [33 photos]>

Lancaster flyover

Red Sparrows
[Video] >


2 thoughts on “Photos & videos

  1. very little history of the unit[1334sqd] in my time in the unit,we had a good sports record, good camps, flying at cambridge, gliding at raf martlesham

  2. is the 1974 film still on file

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