1334 Air Cadets

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Swimming Gala 2010

This years swimming gala was held at Wattisham airbase. Manningtree cadets took part with great ambition, this was rewarded with the amount of medals brought home!  Congratulations  to all those who represented the Sqn.

  • CPL Taylor-Fearn – Bronze – 50M Butterfly
  • CDT Kenneison – Silver – 50M Breatstroke
  • CDT Giddings – Bronze – 150M Medley
  • CDT Northcott – Bronze – 150M Medley
  • CDT Easton – Bronze – 150M Medley
  • CDT Kirwan – Bronze – 100M Freedtye
  • CDT Dunne.
  • CDT Gray.
  • CDT Vardon-Prince.
  • CDT Hillyard.

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RAF Shawbury Summer Camp 2010

This years annual summer camp was held at RAF Shawbury. During the camp we did a range of amazing activities including shooting, flying the Grob Tutor, having a ride in a Squirrel helicopter and visits to various places around the camp. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic opportunity to visit a working RAF station. More photos are available on our Facebook page.

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Football 2009

This year’s Football tournament was good fun. As a squadron we did better than last year because we got into the quarter finals against Norwich squadron and scored two goals. Thank you to FLT LT Brown for hiring the coach to take us it was a good day all round.

CPL Home



Print out this photo and put a cross where you think the ball is. Hand this in to C.I. Schofield and we will give a small prize for the closest guess.

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Wing Athletics 2009

This years Athletics was good fun. We returned home with one gold and one bronze thanks to Oli! Oliver has been picked to represent Norfolk & Suffolk Wing for the high jump. We wish him good luck and hope he does well. Thank you also to Flt L Brown for taking us.
Cdt Home

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Powered Flying


On Saturday 14th March Cadets; Home, Bettle, Harvey-Smith and Osborn went to RAF Wyton and completed their flying AEF instructed by ex- RAF pilots. We all had a safety flying brief before completing some basic flying manoeuvres, then continuing on to some aerobatics. The planes we used were the Grob Tutor.

Unfortunately Cadet Holmes was sick during his flight but everybody thoroughly enjoyed the experience. C.I. Castle also had a flight in the Tutor towards the end of the day which was his first flight since he was a cadet in the late 60’s.