1334 Air Cadets

New campaign to recruit Cadets to 1334 Squadron

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We are launching a campaign to recruit more members to 1334 Air Cadets and have created some new posters and graphics to spread the word. Please feel to download this graphic and share, share, share on your social media.

The Air Cadets are a great organisation to join and offer 12 to 16 year old’s fantastic opportunities. We don’t just go flying either, we practice target shooting with rifles, go gliding, mountain climbing, fieldcraft training exercises, camp building, visit active military stations, learn first aid and loads more.

It doesn’t stop there…we also do stuff just for fun, such as go-kart racing and clayshooting…and there was that visit to see and climb aboard the AH-64 apache helicopter…and when we won that massive first-aid trophy…and that time we went up flying in the Chinook…in fact, there are so many opportunities available to you, there isn’t enough space here to list them all!

There will be a few tests to do, such as understanding how to fly an aircraft so that we can let you take control in the air, but we’ll help you with all that. Team-up with your friends, make new ones and enjoy amazing experiences, as well as learn some new skills. Don’t miss out on these opportunities and all the activities available to you. Try us out for a while…if you don’t like it, we’re ok with that. You’ve got nothing to loose! We are open Mondays from 7pm to 9.30pm (as well as some other times depending on activity).

Getting highly skilled in your favourite subject means that you could end up with a number of widely recognised BTEC qualifications that could really help you in a future career. A range of vocational qualifications are available through either ourselves or the CVQO. Thousands of Cadets pass these each year!

So expand your horizons, have an adventure, learn some life skills, take the first step and get in touch. Contact us below or call: 07702 232507

We also have a poster available, please download, print and post near you! Recruitment_Poster.pdf

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