1334 Air Cadets

£500 donation from Manningtree Rotary Club

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RotarySantaManningtree Air Cadets have received a £500 donation from the Manningtree Rotary Club. During the Christmas period the Cadets assisted with the Rotary Club’s Christmas Charity Collection. The Cadets put in a great effort and we are very grateful to the Rotary Club for their unexpected, generous donation. The cheque for five hundred pounds was donated to the squadron on the 23rd February and will be used to help fund the Air Cadets many activities.

The Manningtree Rotary Club

santa5a The club is a group of business professionals, men and women who are  part of Rotary International. They meet in their spare time to do things that benefit the local community and give help and assistance to others. Every year they take Santa Claus around the streets of Manningtree and the surrounding area. Santa’s visit is looked forward to each year by everyone young and old. The club raises useful monies for local charities and good causes and the collections culminate at Christmas Eve in Santa’s visit to Manningtree’s Fiveway’s supermarket.


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