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World Record Attempt

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Had a phone call from ex Manningtree cadet JENNA BARKER. Genna works for STOUR ENGINEERING in Manningtree as a Welder/Fabricator and is also attending college.

On Saturday 5th April a world record attempt to make TIN SMITH WHISTLES will take place in 40 European countries and within each of those countries will be 40 companies taking part in the world record attempt. STOUR ENGINEERING is the only UK Company trying for the world record and are aiming to make 20,000 whistles. I would like to see as many cadets as possible taking part in this world record to make these whistles.

The dress will be Sqn T-shirts and we need to be at Stour Engineering workshops in Manningtree for 10am on Saturday 5th April. Jenna is hoping to come to the Sqn on Monday night and give a talk about the event so I will expect you all to be there. Can you give me a yes or no ASAP by Facebook and I will make a list of name who will be attending the World Record attempt. This will be great Public Relations for the Squadron.

Please ensure you tell your parents you want to go.

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