1334 Air Cadets

Hallowtrees Training Weekend 2011

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Day 1

On Saturday the 22nd October 2011 a group of Manningtree Air Cadets and staff went to Hallowtrees camp site in Ipswich. We all arrived at 07:30 and we immediately set up our tents for the weekend. After we’d made our tents feel like home we got changed into our civvies we then headed to Suffolk Leisure Park.

Here we went on the high ropes and tobogganing. First we went on the high ropes. This involved climbing up a 10ish metre wall, walking over ropes, jumping over posts, wobbly ladders and a balance beam. This was very fun and every cadet took part, even if they were scared of heights! We also did a time trial round it and CDT Wooley got round the course in 32 seconds. A very impressive time.

Straight after the high ropes we went tobogganing. This was also good fun even if we did get wet through!

After 2 hours of fun we headed back to the campsite and got changed into DPM’s. At last it was lunch time and we were given the fun task of using Hexi Cookers to cook our boil in the bag ration packs. The cookers took some getting use too but we all were experts by the end of the weekend.

After lunch we had the task of moving a Harbour area set up by C.I. Wright deeper into the woodland, so we packed up the Area and walked into the woodland. We came across an area and we then set up 5 bivvies with three of them being OP’s (Observation Posts) this went well but for one cadet she found the limits of a bungee cord… SNAP… OUCH..

It was now dinner time and the cookers operated much better now a makeshift windbreak was built so we could have some proper hot food. About an hour later we started our night exercise. This involved working as a team to recce the wooded area and complete a mission.

This was going well until the last bit when our plan of blinding the staffs night vision with a torch failed and they walked off peacefully. The other mishap was the Sprouts moved important glow sticks which were markers.

Day 2

After a lovely night sleep we had a wash and got breakfast down us and then headed to the abseiling wall. This was good fun though we didn’t get to use the big wall. A couple of cadets tried abseiling forward, this proved to be much harder.

It was 13:00 and food was calling us so we set up our cookers and dug into lunch. Our next task was orienteering in Orwell Country Park. We went in groups of 4. We had 1 map and 1 radio; we collected codes and radioed back to camp we then got given another grid reference and so on… This was a very good task.

After dinner we played ‘hardcore hide and seek. We camo-creamed up and covered ourselves in leaves. We split into 2 teams, one would look, one would hide. Then it was the staffs turn. We found them in 10minutes, we thank all the hours as playing this game as a kid we found them so quickly. We then sat down in the hut with a hot drink, watched a film and hit the sack.

Day 3

Final morning, we had a bite to eat, packed up. Had a small de-brief and got collected. All Cadets enjoyed themselves and had a good laugh.

CPL Salmon, CDT Clover


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