1334 Air Cadets

Flying on the 20th February

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Going up in the  Vigilant T1 or ‘Grob’ is an experience every cadet has the opportunity to try. We have a few allocations this year and the best way to ensure yourself of a seat on board is – 1. Make sure you have the necessary qualification, (check with a member of staff if you are not sure) – 2. Put your name on the list in the hall.

Its as simple as that, don’t miss out!

Vigilant T1 Facts

  • Engines: Grob 2500E1 horizontally opposed four-cylinder, air-cooled engine
  • Max speed: 130kts
  • Length: 8.1m
  • Max altitude: 8,000ft
  • Wingspan: 17.4m
  • Aircrew: 2

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