1334 Air Cadets

Powered Flying

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On Saturday 14th March Cadets; Home, Bettle, Harvey-Smith and Osborn went to RAF Wyton and completed their flying AEF instructed by ex- RAF pilots. We all had a safety flying brief before completing some basic flying manoeuvres, then continuing on to some aerobatics. The planes we used were the Grob Tutor.

Unfortunately Cadet Holmes was sick during his flight but everybody thoroughly enjoyed the experience. C.I. Castle also had a flight in the Tutor towards the end of the day which was his first flight since he was a cadet in the late 60’s.

One thought on “Powered Flying

  1. Woo! Bettle here- it was really fun and the weather conditions were awesome, if slightly windy. Thank you C.I. Castle for taking us.

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